Pregnant Sardarni carred ISI mark on her stomach.
When asked why ISI mark..

English Teacher: “One cute and young girl is walking on the road.” Change this into an punjabi exclamatory sentence.
Sardar student:- “Oye,pataka !”

SLAM BOOK filled by Santa.

1.Strength: My wife, Jeeto.
2.Weakness: Banta’s wife, Preeto.
3.Oppurtunity: When Banta is on tour.
4.Threat: When I am on tour!!!

After a big accident, a man was crying : O God! I have lost my lef hand?
Santa: Control yourself my friend. Don’t cry. See that man. He has lost
his head. Is he crying?

After robbing the bank, 1 robber to clerk : Did you see me robbing?
Clerk : Yes I saw u.
Robber killed him and asked to the next clerk : Did u?
Second Clerk : No, but my wife saw u!

Teacher: what do u call a person who cannot hear anything?
Santa: U can call him anything, because he cannot hear anything.

A Sardar looking at sky asks another Sardar :Is that a sun or moon? Other Sardar replies :Oye ! No idea…Im new to this city..

what is the extreme limit of stupidity? Two Sardars sitting on a Rikshaw….,
fighting for a corner seat.

Once a Sardar, his wife, son and daughter went to a private party. There he introduces his family to a stranger by saying, “I am Sardar, she is Sardarni, he is my kid and she is my kidney.”

A lady tourist went to a country on a vacation. In the evening she was toddling on the beach. A security person came to her and said, “Mam only one-piece is allowed here.” The lady was awe, thinking which one to open.

Romans were never good on Algebra because there ‘X’ was always ‘10.’

Once Amitabhh Bachchann and Pran were travelling in a train and were engaged in a good gossip for the entire journey. A station came after hours and Pran boarded off. Mr. Bachchan remained. A stranger co-passenger asked to Mr. Bachchan, “Both of you seemed good friend, why didn’t you go away with him.” Amitabh said, “Pran jae per Vachan na jae.”

While visiting Santa’s house, Banta noticed that he had replaced his usual TV with a smaller model.
Thinking that perhaps the larger set has broken down, Banta asked why the small one was there.
“Oh,” Santa replied, “I have decided to watch less Tv.”

2 Sardars in museum looking at Egyptian Mummy.
Sardar 1: Look So many bandages Pakka Accident Case.
Sardar 2: Ya Ya..Lorry number also written.BC.1760..

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